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Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, building landlords and managers have a legal duty to ensure that fire stopping is installed and installed correctly.

London Fire Solutions offer a full range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that walls, roofs, floors, service risers and voids retain their fire resistance.

All of our products are tested in accordance with BS476 parts 4, 20 and 22 and/or EN 1366-3. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure usage matches testing – from straight forward to more complex penetrations.



There are various types of fire barriers that provide numerous levels of fire integrity and insulation depending on the project requirements and specifications.

Fire barriers are generally installed within ceiling voids, roof voids or under flooring to provide compartmentation of structures which then prevents the movement of smoke or flames.

Correct Installation is vital. Fire stopping is a complex process and materials will only perform effectively if they are installed in accordance with test certification and manufacturer’s instructions. This is often overlooked resulting in fires that should have been prevented or at least contained.

London Fire Solutions are fully qualified to meet your cavity fire barrier requirements.


Fire curtains prevent the spread of fire and smoke through voids and also provide compartmentation between different areas within a building.

We can install and maintain both lightweight flexible fire curtains and insulating fire barrier curtains to provide up to 120 minutes fire protection in both occupied and unoccupied properties. This includes lofts, ceiling voids and risers. The fire curtains ensure no fire or smoke can spread from one compartment to the next.

All fire curtains installed by London Fire Solutions are fully tested, certified and comply with the relevant BS or EN standards.

Our roof void surveys will identify what is needed to ensure your building meets regulations and also ensure that fire compartment walls continue above the ceiling and into the roof void. If required we can also provide and install fire-rated access hatches, walkways and handrails for the roof space as well as improving its insulation. 

All fire curtains installed by London Fire Solutions are fully tested, certified and comply with the relevant BS or EN standards.


PART L2 of the Building Regulations (conservation of fuel and power) includes a test for air leakage.

Buildings requiring compliance to part L2 with a gross floor area of greater than 500m2 will require an air leakage test carried out in accordance with ATTMA technical standard 1 (2006) and must be shown to leak no more than 10m3/hr/m2 @ 50Pa or less than the figure given in your SAPS calculations.

London Fire Solutions can carry out all of your air sealing requirements to meet Part L2 of the Building Regulations. This includes a test for air leakage.


Acoustic sealing work is carried out to reduce the sound that travels from one compartment to another.

London Fire Solutions can carry out works to meet the required sound reduction and decibel (dB) rating through installation of acoustic blankets, seals and barriers. 

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